Welcome to STADD:ICE, an initiative promoted to strengthen capacities of professionals working in the field of international cooperation. Looking to the need to function in a collaborative mode across the globe, we aim to build human capacity of donors, international NGOs, government institutions, and corporates to help them achieve their potential.

As you know, we stand at crossroads where advocated management approaches are not effective in addressing key societal problems. Management approaches used currently such as Logical Framework Approaches (LFA), Project Cycle Management (PCM) and Results based Management (RbM)) have served as tools in planning efficiently for measurable results, also justifying investment conveniently. However they have neglected essential and challenging aspects of sustainable development such as change, transformation, and improvement in human capacity.

We believe coping with development challenges that emerge as a consequence of escalating globalisation, speedier communication, increasing complexities, and collapse of institutions and organisations; cannot be dealt with yesterday’s solutions, standardised management procedures, or business as usual mind-set. What we need is a deep systemic change to be initiated and sustained by professionals at all levels of an organisation. They need to act as change makers who embody professionalism, are inspired by passion, and driven by purpose. Development thus requires a transformation of mind sets, attitudes, and organisational culture that can then lead to a transformation towards deep genuine collaboration gravitating around a shared vision.

Cooperation across traditional boundaries to initiate and sustain changes inspired by a human centered vision, and safeguarded by societal values has now assumed urgency

You will agree that co-operation enacted through professionals who have a diversity of perspectives, and are energized through commitment and purpose to co-create a better future hold the key. Our programmes provide new perspectives on leadership and management, and are designed to develop in people the capability to innovate continually, and expand their spectrum of competency. This is crucial for translating an ambitious vision into a daily organisational practice and is what has inspired us to design our learning solutions.

IMG_0423-SizeWhat Drives Us

We believe humans have an innate ability to continually evolve by changing self, influencing communities and societies around them. The world is today experiencing changes that calls for responsible and fundamental actions to be undertaken by individuals, organisations, and societies as a whole.

As professionals working in the international cooperation space we are being challenged to develop our competency base to co-create innovative solutions for sustainable development. At the same time, cooperation across traditional boundaries to initiate and sustain changes inspired by a human centered vision, and safeguarded by societal values has now assumed urgency. This has made us realise that the subject of capacity development needs to shift gears. Driven by this conviction we feel the time has come for an independent professional intervention to build human capacity of development professionals engaged at bringing about societal change.

Our belief that investing in human capacity development never made more sense has led to development of our business focus that focuses on strengthening human capacity to enable transformations along sustainable lines. STADD:ICE has thus been promoted as a professional unit by capacity development professionals with many years of experience in the subject of human capacity development.